About Us

How it Started.

A beautiful thought of how to showcase and empower women through fashion. I truly believe we are different but beautiful in our own ways inside and out. When you look good, you feel good. My name is Alicia; a mother of 4 amazing kids, a wife and also a strong woman that has passion for fashion.

I started this brand out of frustration. After having my 3rd child "Kaden" I had hard time finding comfortable clothes that made me feel beautiful. This affected my confident as a women, and as a wife. I remember feeling like I do not belong which is not a good place for any one to be. 

Fortunately enough, I am blessed with a supportive husband and a loving family that reminded me that I'm beautiful and loved. In an effort to find a comfortable activewear that is Stylish and Affordable "Kollage" was born! 

"We are Kollage community where Inclusivity meets Comfort and Style"

Mission Statement

@Kollage is a community that empowers women to value and love themselves using fashion. Beauty is courage, confident and love for oneself. Expressing love through fashion and using fashion to empower others. We embrace our differences and understand that we're all equally beautiful. 

This company was created for you. The fashion forward person who believes everyone should have a fashion voice. Beauty should be from within and can be displayed outwardly.

Beautiful, Strong, Confident & Kindness, KOLLAGE where Inclusivity meets Comfort and Style!